How to Add a Flodesk Form to a Squarespace Website (2024)

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If you are using FloDesk to send your emails and have a Squarespace website, you’ll likely want to connect the two. Here is how you can add your FloDesk Forms to Squarespace so that you can add people to your list without Zapier

Check out the quick video below 👇

How to add a FloDesk form to your Squarespace website:

Step One: Add a new form to FloDesk

Open up your FloDesk account and head over to the “Forms” section. If you’re starting fresh, click on “New Form.” I recommend choosing an inline form and customizing it to match your website’s aesthetics, including fonts and colors.

Step Two: Customize the form

Once you’ve selected your form style, customize it according to your preferences. Delete unnecessary elements if you plan to use the website to create the title and subtext.Ensure the button color aligns with your website’s theme for a cohesive look.

Step Three: Complete the form settings

Once the form is styled, proceed with the next button at the top of the screen. This will take you through the form settings. Decide whether to enable the double opt-in feature based on your needs. I recommend keeping it disabled unless you encounter issues with spam entries. You can also choose to be notified when subscribers opt-in and set up a custom thank-you page URL.

Step Four: Get the code for Squarespace

This is the part that might trip some people up. When you go to publish the form and embed it in the website, you will need to grab the raw HTML code. You can get this by hitting the Advanced Settings link.

get the raw HTML code from FloDesk for Squarespace

Step Five: Add the form to Squarespace

In Squarespace, create a new section — do not use the Squarespace newsletter block. Add a code block to the section and paste in the code — oila! Refer to the video above for styling options.

Good luck!



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