How to Change the Image on Your WordPress Link

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When you share a website link on places like Facebook and WhatsApp, a thumbnail image usually accompanies the link. If the image that displays is not what you want, I’m sharing an easy way to change that on WordPress websites today.

In a previous tutorial, I used the Yoast SEO plugin, but it seems that in the past two years, they changed the preview feature so that it’s only available for the paid version. It still seems like you can actually change the image, you just won’t be able to preview it from your website. (If you want to try the Yoast SEO way, you can view that tutorial here).

Check out the video for using SEOPress here 👇

To change the image on your website link:

Change the Page’s featured image.

Before you go the plugin route, you can try to see if updating the page’s featured image works. Instructions for doing that are here.

If you change it and it doesn’t update on the link, try using the Facebook debugging tool here.

If you try changing the featured image, and then debug the link, and it’s still not working, then it’s time to try SEO Press.

Download and install the SEOPress plugin on your website.

We’ll be using the SEOPress plugin to change the image that appears on the link. To install the plugin, go to Plugins -> Add New (button towards the top of that page).

SEOPress Plugin

*If you have any other SEO plugins on your website, you may want to disable them before activating the SEO Press plugin.

Go to the Page You Want to Change the Image For

If you edit the page you want to change the image for, you should see the SEOPress panel towards the bottom of the page. (Make sure that you’re not using the front-end editor and are on the back end of the page if you don’t see it.)

changing image on link with SEOPress

Open Up SEOPress Social Tab

Once you’ve found the SEOPress panel, click Social to open up the social share setting.

This is where you can change the image that you would like to see on the Facebook link. Note in the image above, the link circled in red will help clear Facebook’s cache to reset the image.

Good luck!

Xx, Kara

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