The Easy Way Claim a WordPress Website for Pinterest

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If you’re looking to begin using different social media platforms as part of a content marketing strategy, Pinterest should be one of your first stops. Once you create business profile on Pinterest you’ll be asking to claim your website. In this post I’ll show you the easy way to claim a WordPress Website for Pinterest.

Check out this super short video for instructions:

Written Steps to Claim a WordPress Website for Pinterest

If you haven’t yet claimed your website, Pinterest will let you know. It will be an action item on your dashboard. If you do not see any notifications, you can also access the website from the profile settings.

claim a WordPress website for pinterest

In the image above, you access the profile settings from the Settings selection in the dropdown menu in the to right. You can use the Reset button if for some reason you already have a website claimed and would like to claim a different site. In the example above, the website has already been claimed, indicated by the green checkmark. If your website is not yet claimed, you will see a link there that you can follow for steps to claim your website.

However you access the steps, you will select the first option for claiming your website: header tags in HTML code.

Second, choose Website (not Etsy or YouTube) and copy the provided code.

Third, head over to your WordPress website and install the Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

Once you have installed the plugin, you can access it from the Settings tab in your lefthand menu on the WordPress Dashboard.

Open up the plugin from the Settings menu and insert the code into the first window. And oila!

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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