Email Marketing 101 – Everything You Need to Know Beyond Lead Magnets

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If you’re a health coach or 1:1 service provider with an online business, you’ve probably been told that you need a lead magnet. The truth is this is low hanging fruit and there is so much more you can do with email marketing to help you generate sales!

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To turn your email marketing into sales:

Email marketing often seems like a buzzword, but in reality, it’s the MVP of your sales game. Imagine having the ability to automate communication and nurture relationships with your potential customers – that’s the magic of email marketing.

As a service provider primarily catering to coaches and freelancers offering higher-ticket services, my approach might differ from others’. However, the core principles remain the same.

Building Trust through Automation

The journey begins when a visitor lands on your website and decides to share their email address in exchange for a lead magnet. Most people stop here! But once you provide the lead magnet, you can automate a series of emails that reinforce your expertise and continue to provide value to your prospective customer.

Crafting the Email Sequence

Once they’ve opted in, it’s time to deploy a series of three initial emails. These aren’t just about delivering the freebie; they’re reintroducing your brand, sharing your story, and subtly nudging them towards exploring your services.

Long-Form Nurture: The Game-Changer

While many stop at the initial sequence, I advocate for a longer nurture sequence. Think of it as the ‘lazy’ but effective method – set it up once, and it continues to provide value over months. These emails, spread out over time, offer consistent value, resources, and opportunities for interaction, essential in overcoming objections and building trust. Instead of having to write a newsletter every week, you can rest easy knowing that emails are going out to everyone who gets on your list.

Email marketing automation map

Peppering in Free Content and Low Ticket Offers

Within this nurture sequence, sprinkling occasional mentions of lower-ticket items or upsells can further engage the audience. Not everyone jumps straight to high-ticket services. Sometimes, a gradual build-up and a series of touchpoints are necessary before making that leap.

Multiplying Your Marketing Efforts

The email automation works quietly in the background so that every lead who comes to your website and provides their email is given multiple touchpoints to eventually encourage a sale if they’re the right fit. If they’re the wrong fit, they’ll simply fall off your list!

Conclusion: Email Marketing Unleashed

So, there you have it – the Email Marketing Brain decoded! It’s not just a series of emails; it’s a strategic pathway towards building trust, nurturing relationships, and converting leads into loyal customers.

Good luck!

Xx, Kara

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