Grow Your Email List With Multiple Lead Magnets

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You’ve heard it over and over again- “grow your email list.” This was something that took me a while to figure out when I was just doing health coaching. “Yes, I get it – I want to build my list, but how?” was my most common thought at one point.

The big issue here is driving traffic to your website. You can do this in a few different ways. Paid advertising is one option. Content marketing via social media and guest posts on other websites is another.

No matter how people are getting to your website, you want to make sure that you are getting their email once they land there.

Why is it important to grow your email list?

The average person will not purchase from you on the first website visit. Sure, they might – but this typically happens later in the game once you have truly mastered the art of landing page formatting, copy and establishing yourself as an authority and your product or service as supremely valuable.

Short 1000% nailing all of that, you’re not going to get a sale on the first visit. And even if you do nail all of that, there are still people who won’t be ready to buy right away. So you’ll either lose that sale altogether or, you’ll get their email and earn the chance to sell to them another day.

They’ll be more likely to buy from you once they hear from you more – giving you the opportunity to establish yourself as an authority and to improve your “know, like, trust” factor.

OK, so how do you grow your email list?

Once you’ve established a bit of traffic flow to your website, one of the best ways I found to grow my email list for my fertility coaching business was to have MULTIPLE LEAD MAGNETS. That’s right, more than one. On that site, I still have a free Seed Cycling Guide, a free 3-Steps to Quit The Pill Guide, a free 1-week Cycle Reboot and a simple newsletter sign up.

I found that having multiple opt-ins allowed me to promote my free offerings regularly on social without seeming too spammy, and once I got these set up and promoted them regularly, my list went from 43 to breaking 100 in 2 weeks. (Now I have almost 1,000 subscribers – not huge, but respectable considering I don’t put too much effort into list growth).

Now obviously you don’t want multiple sign up forms on every page, so I suggest having a pop up if you have a very special offer, and then just having your main lead magnet available on every page. You can then make solo pages with your other extras (just one opt-in form per page) with links to some of your other featured content. You’ll link to these pages from social when you promote your free gifts!

Happy list-building.


For more tips on list growth, you can also check out the post “Optimize Your Blog For Your Business!” 

Need help integrating your email marketing software with your website, delivering lead magnets, or something else? Join the DIY Facebook group and let me know so I can help you out – or you can drop me a note to receive a quote for me to do it for you. And, I always provide instructions so that clients can maintain their website and systems on their own after working with me.

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