How to Add a Tag to New MailChimp Subscribers Using Landing Pages

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One of the issues my clients commonly run into is how to add a tag to new MailChimp subscribers. The standard MailChimp form will add your subscribers to your list or “Audience”, but it won’t give them a tag. You can get more technical and use third-party solutions like Zapier, but you also have one very easy workaround at your disposal: the MailChimp landing page.

What is a landing page anyway?

A landing page is a page that can stand alone from the rest of your website and has a specific CTA (call-to-action). It might serve the purpose of a sales page, or it might simply encourage people to sign up for your email list.

In the example discussed in the video, my client wanted subscribers to be dropped into an automated series of emails (or “Customer Journey”) that is triggered by a tag. She has a Squarespace website, so she would either need to program a Squarespace newsletter block to add the tag via Zapier, or a simpler fix, is to use a Squarespace landing page.

How to Add A Tag to New MailChimp Subscribers with a Landing Page

To create a Landing Page, you first need to select the Campaigns option in your lefthand menu – the icon looks like a loudspeaker. From there, you will see Landing Pages in the sub menu under ‘View by Type’. You can also simply create a new landing page by selecting that option from the menu that pops up when you select the ‘Create Campaign’ button.

how to add a tag to a new mailchimp subscriber

First, you’ll give your landing page a name for you to identify it by, and select the audience you want subscribers to be added to. (If you have the free plan, you only have one Audience).

Second, you’ll select your template.

Third, you can edit the design and customize it with your content.

And finally, make sure that you program the landing page to add a tag to the subscriber when they submit the form. When you get to the page that looks like the screenshot below, select the ‘Edit Audience’ button to change the Audience and/or select the tag you would like your new subscribers to be given.

Once you do this, you’re all set! You’ll simply give people the URL of your landing page, or add a button to your website that is linked to the landing page URL.

Resources mentioned in the video:

Squarespace ➡️

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