How to Create A Logo for Your Website Using Canva

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The “in vogue” style right now is a thin logo that can easily fit in your website’s main navigation bar without making it too big. The problem is, most of Canva’s logo templates are square, which means the logo isn’t the right dimensions for the menu bar. Here’s what you can do to create a logo for your website easily.

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To create logo for your menu bar in Canva, follow these tips:

Aspect Ratio Matters

A square-formatted logo might seem visually appealing, but it can impact your menu bar’s size, potentially delaying visitors from engaging with your website’s content. To prevent this, I recommend longer, horizontally formatted logos that gracefully fit into the menu bar. This also seems to be the “on trend” logo style these days!

Navigating Canva’s Templates

When you venture into Canva and explore their logo templates, you’ll notice that most default options are square-shaped. However, you can look for templates that have all of the text in a more slim arrangement (with a lot of white space around it), and then once you’ve selected a design, you can customize and crop it to suit your preferences.

Crafting Your Logo

You can use Canva’s customization tools to create a text-based logo or incorporate simple icons. If one of the square logo templates appeals to you, you can try to rearrange the elements so that they will fit in the menu bar nicely, and then crop the white space around them.

Final Thoughts

Remember, a slim and sleek logo generally works best for the menu bar, allowing visitors to smoothly navigate your site. However, if you prefer a bolder design that is more of a square aspect ratio, consider placing the logo prominently at the top center of your webpage.

Good luck!

Xx, Kara

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