How to Delete Email Sequence in ConvertKit

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Now, I’ve been working with ConvertKit* for YEARS and the other day I was trying to clean up the backend of a client’s account and it took me a hot minute to figure out how to delete email sequence in ConvertKit.

(Awkward phrasing, I know – but Yoast says….)

The setting to delete an email sequence isn’t in the same place as it is in the automations page. But not to worry, it’s very simple.

When you click into your sequence, you first need to go to the Settings tab.

how to delete email sequence in convertkit

Settings can be found in the top right of the email sequence.

Once you click on Settings, you will see the option to delete the email sequence at the bottom of the window that opens up. Easy peasy!

Video Instructions for How to Delete Email Sequence in ConvertKit 👇

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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