How to Export MailChimp Audience

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If you’re looking to uplevel your email marketing, you may find yourself wondering how to export your MailChimp audience. There are a few reasons why you may want to do this, but the most prominent reason is that you’re looking to upload your list to a new email marketing service. (In part 2 next week, I’ll show you how to import your MailChimp list into ActiveCampaign).

Check out this super short video for instructions:

Written Steps for How to Export MailChimp Audience

First, make sure you are viewing the audience that you want to export.

As a refresher, MailChimp calls its lists “audiences”. If you have the free plan, then you only have one audience. If you have a paid plan, you may have more than one, so use the drop down to make sure that you are viewing the audience that you want to export.

Second, select ‘All Contacts’ in your lefthand menu.

Once you’re viewing all of the contacts you will see a button to export the audience. BEFORE you export the audience select the ‘Toggle Columns’ dropdown to the left of the button to select the fields that you want to export. This is not essential, but is important if you do not need to export all of your contact info.

After you’ve made sure that you’re exporting all the necessary fields, you can hit the export button.

And that’s all she wrote! Once you push the button, your list will be exported into a CSV file that you can convert to an excel spreadsheet or import into your new service provider.

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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