How to Get More Website Visitors

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If you’ve just set up a new website for your business, you’re likely wondering how to get more website visitors and to grow your website traffic. The truth is that it takes time or a substantial ad budget (and smart ad strategy). Since most of my audience isn’t in a position to launch ad campaigns right away, in this post I’ll focus on organic ways to grow your website audience and get more clients.

Key Takeaways for How to Get More Website Visitors

  1. Search Engine Optimization this means making sure your website is set up to be easily “crawled” or indexed by search engines by Google. If search engines know what is on your website, they’ll be able to show it when someone searches for something that is on your website. Learn about Squarespace SEO here and WordPress SEO here.
  2. Content Marketing – content marketing means producing content that draws visitors to your site. This can be a weekly blog post, a YouTube tutorial, a podcast, etc. Your newsletter also serves as part of your content marketing strategy as you can promote your products and services through your email marketing. Writing articles for other blogs and media outlets can also be a great way to grow your audience. If writing isn’t your thing, try pitching yourself to podcasts and YouTubers.
  3. Social Media Marketing – this can go hand in hand with content marketing. Don’t just create content – share it! Pick 2-3 social media platforms and post to them consistently. I tend to recommend Pinterest and YouTube since both of these platforms also work as search engines and help more people find your content.
  4. Networking – networking doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to attend events. Find other entrepreneurs whose services complement yours and reach out to them to find ways that you can partner. Facebook groups also offer a great place to network online.
  5. Focus on Your Niche – whether you’re a health coach or a website designer, having a very specific niche will help you to reach your ideal clients and reenforce your ability to help them out. To learn more about niching, check out this post.

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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