How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

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How do you know if your website is doing a good job for your business? Well, what is your website conversion rate? How many people come to your website, and how many people buy your product and/or service? Or, how many people spend time on your blog? When you start paying attention to all of this, it’s likely that you’ll start focusing on how to improve your website conversion rate.

Have you ever looked at your website’s bounce rate? This is the statistic in Google Analytics that tells you if people go beyond your homepage or the page they landed on. You didn’t create a whole website so that users would only see your homepage, right?

Improving your bounce rate is a good step towards bolstering your conversion rate. And do you want to know what the best thing you can do to improve your bounce rate is?

Improve your top-thirds!

OK, what is a top-third?

The “top-third” or “above the fold” on any page is what’s visible when you land on it before you scroll. People essentially decide if they’re going to scroll and keep exploring in about 5 seconds – so you need to catch their eye.

The more people you can keep from bounding right away, the better. So make sure that the first thing that they see – the top-third of each and every page – is visually engaging.

The homepage is a big one – make sure the top portion is visually engaging and communicates what you’re all about. But don’t forget the other pages since people are probably coming to your website in more ways than one!

How to improve your top-thirds

It won’t come as a surprise that people like images, so be sure to use imagery effectively. You want to choose images that either evoke emotion, or better yet, draw attention to key text.

Your image can help communicate what your page (and website) is all about. But text is also super important. So, a winning formula is a pertinent photo, strategically placed, and paired with text that ID’s a pain point that you solve for, and then starts to communicate a solution.

You know what your website is all about, but look at each page as if you didn’t. When you open up any page of your website, you want to ask yourself, “does what I’m looking at communicate what this page and my brand is all about?” before you do any scrolling. It can be tough to think of creative ways to make sure that it does, but if you put some serious thought into this question for each page, you’ll be on the right track to improving your website conversion rate.

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