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Anyone in online business has been told that they need to have a freebie or lead magnet to get people onto their email marketing list. If you have the free ConvertKit plan, this is how you can actually send people who sign up that freebie right away without using the Automations feature.

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To send a lead magnet with the free plan of ConvertKit, follow these steps:

1) Access ConvertKit Dashboard: Log in to your ConvertKit account and go to the dashboard.

2) Navigate to Grow Tab: In the dashboard menu, click on the “Grow” tab.

3) Go to Landing Pages and Forms: From the dropdown menu under “Grow,” select “Landing Pages & Forms.”

where to find landing pages & forms in free convertkit

4) Set Up a Form: If you haven’t already, create a form that will be used to collect subscriber information on your website. If needed, you can find additional tutorials on embedding forms on your website.

5) Access Form Settings: Click on the form you created to access its settings.

6) Configure Incentive Email: In the form settings, navigate to the “Incentive” tab. Enable the “Send Incentive Email” option. This email will prompt subscribers to confirm their subscription, which is a best practice to prevent spam.

7) Edit Incentive Email Content (Optional): You have the option to customize the content of the incentive email. However, avoid including direct links to the lead magnet, as this may bypass the confirmation step.

8) Set Up Lead Magnet Delivery: Scroll down to the section where you set up how the lead magnet will be delivered. By default, “URL” is selected. Change this to “Download.”

9) Upload Lead Magnet: Using the “Add Download” button, upload the lead magnet file. For the free plan, you can use a PDF or an image for delivery. If you have videos, consider creating a PDF with links to the videos.

where to add lead magnet in free ConvertKit plan

10) Save and Publish: After adding the lead magnet, save your changes. Then, hit the “Publish” button to ensure the form is live and ready to collect subscribers.

11) Re-Embed Form on Website (Optional): As a best practice, re-embed the form on your website to ensure everything is set up correctly.

12) Testing (Optional): Ideally, test the form by signing up to confirm that the lead magnet is delivered as intended. Always good to double check!

Remember, when using the free plan, you can only deliver lead magnets via PDF or image files. Avoid directly linking the lead magnet in the incentive email to ensure subscribers confirm their subscription.

Good luck!

Xx, Kara

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