How to Send Lead Magnet in ConvertKit (+ Setting Up Your Welcome Sequence)

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Even if you’re new to online business, you probably know that you should have a lead magnet, often also called a “freebie”. Figuring out how to get it to the people who sign up might seem a bit tricky – so here is the Convertkit edition: How to Send Lead Magnet in ConvertKit, plus a bonus: where to set up and how to trigger a welcome email sequence.

Written Instructions for How to Send Lead Magnet in ConvertKit

First, you will need to program a form. You’ll find this under the Grow tab.

  1. Choose an inline form if the form will be going on your website page, and then in the video, I show you how to use the Clare form.
  2. Set up your form fields – name and email address
  3. Embed the form in your website by hitting Publish and grabbing the code

Second, go to your form Settings to put the freebie/lead magnet in.

  1. You can customize your confirm subscription email from the settings – it is recommended to use this step to cut down on spam contacts
  2. Once you customize your email, you can select what you want to happen when people click the confirm subscription button – this is where you will send lead magnet in ConvertKit
  3. You can choose to send them to a URL, and add your lead magnet to that page (ideal if your lead magnet is a video), or you can attach the file and have it come up once they confirm

Next, you may want to set up your Welcome Sequence:

  1. Go to Send -> Sequences
  2. Set up your email series in Sequences – adding in delay days between emails
  3. Next go to Automations to program when people will be added to the sequence

Detailed instructions in the video above!

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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