How to Set Up Acuity Scheduling for Coaches + Consultants

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This is a super quick overview of the key features of Acuity Scheduling’s ‘Emerging’ Plan, which is about $15/month and a walkthrough of how to set up Acuity Scheduling for your business. To learn more about why using a scheduling service is a great idea for your business, click here.

Why Choose Acuity Scheduling

I’mma be real. I don’t think it matters a ton whether you choose something like Calendly, or use Acuity. I will tell you that client’s I’ve worked with have not been fans of Schedulicity, but that’s all I know about that platform.

Here are some reasons why I have chosen Acuity over Calendly, the other popular platform with similar functionality. (Please note that I actually now use scheduling software that came in my Funnel Gorgeous Funnels membership, but I did use Acuity personally for years and the majority of my clients use Acuity).

  1. I like Acuity’s aesthetic better personally. It’s a bit more minimalistic.
  2. I’ve found the integration of forms with appointment types + ability to accept payments to be super easy with Acuity Scheduling.
  3. They have some other great features like Classes (the ability to have more than one client book a time slot), which is useful for the clients that I have who are health coaches.
  4. Acuity Scheduling has a native integration with SquareSpace. If you have a SquareSpace site, Acuity is by far your best option for this reason.

How to Set Up Acuity Scheduling

If you’re just getting started as a new health coach or other service provider, the key things you will want to do upon sign up are:

  1. Integrate Acuity with whatever calendar you usually use (compatible with Google calendar, iCloud calendar and Outlook calendars).
  2. Set your Availability
  3. Create any intake forms you’ll need for your appointment types.
  4. Create your appointment types.
  5. Integrate a payment gateway.

All of these items can be accessed from the main menu on the lefthand side.

Refer to the video above for a walkthrough of how to connect all of these pieces.

Questions or comments? Feel free to drop them below or get in touch.

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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