How to Use MailChimp Landing Pages to Create A New List In Free MailChimp

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MailChimp landing pages solve a huge problem. One of the biggest drawbacks to the free plan of MailChimp is that you only get one audience or list. This can make it difficult to do a number of things: register interest in specific offerings so that you can only email those people, send multiple lead magnets, and more.

Thankfully, there is a cool landing pages feature that is available in the free version of MailChimp and enables you to auto-add tags. Each tag can pretty much function as a unique list.


This YouTube tutorial walks you through the tag and MailChimp landing page features:

How to Create and Use Tags

You can create a new tag pretty much from any part of MailChimp where you can add a tag to a subscriber, but the easiest way to find them is to select Audience, and from there you will see Tags in the yellow menu on the left.

Once you open the Tags section, you will be able to add new tags here. You can also treat these Tags as individaul lists and send campaigns directly to them, the same way you would an audience.

You’ll see in the image above that if you select the little inverted carrot next to the View button, you can choose to send all of the subscribers with a specific tag an email.

How to Create a MailChimp Landing Page to Assign a Tag

MailChimp Landing Pages live under the Campaigns tab.

In this tab you can view your current landing pages. Assuming you don’t have any, you can just select the Create Campaign button from the top right of the general Campaigns tab, or on the Landing Pages-specific tab.

This will open up a window in which you can select Landing Page in the bottom left of the lefthand menu.

Once you select Landing Page from this list, you just follow the prompts. You’ll give your landing page a name (you can always change it later), select a template, and then add all of your content. You can create a simple form landing page, or you can create a landing page that really acts as a full website landing page with a ton of content.

Once you’re done designing the landing page, you’ll come to a screen that looks like the following image:

(Please enjoy my drawings – I tried!) This is where you can make sure that this landing page form adds the tag to its subscribers so that they essentially end up on their own list. To do this, simply select the Edit Audience button circled here.

You can also edit the URL (arrow) to customize it somewhat. This is recommended if you want to tell people to go somewhere without listing out a bunch of random numbers.

How to Automate Email Generation after the Landing Page Form is Submitted

Once you’ve created your tag and configured a landing page to add it, you can automate emails and deliver unique content to subscribers with the tag via automations.

The free plan does not enable you to have multi-step journeys, but you can send a single email after an action.

MailChimp, confusingly, likes to call their automations Customer Journerys – so once you click on Automations, you’ll see the Customer Journeys title. Select the Create button in the top right and from there, you can select Customer Journey or Classic Automation. Either will work for this.

Once you choose your route (tip: Classic Automation is simpler) you’ll create an email with the content you want to send to your newly tagged subscribers from the landing page you created.

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