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Kara Co Creative helps service-based solopreneurs and course creators get launched online! For those of you who want a thriving online business without becoming an online influencer 😅

Crickets to Clients Masterclass

Take your website from “just sitting there, not doing much” to conversion-optimized and start getting more eyes 👀 on it with these 6 steps.

*Thinking of starting a website? These tips will help you too!
**Comes with a complete course dashboard and additional resources. ALL FREE.


From how your services are packaged to how you present yourself, your messaging may be the missing piece if your website is not driving sales!

Website Design

This is the design portion that focuses on how your website is actually set up. There are many common mistakes that lead to people dropping away before they even read your copy!


On-point messaging + optimized design will not equal sales unless you are driving traffic to your website and following up with your leads.


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DIY Website in a Weekend

Ready to jump in on your own but not sure exactly where to start? This guide walks you through everything you need to know from basic brand strategy to copy guidance to selecting your platform and actually building out your pages!


The Website Prep List

This a comprehensive list of everything I need from you in order to build a website. It’s also the standard list of materials you’ll need before working with any other designer. You can also consider it a companion checklist to my DIY Website In a Weekend guide if you’re going the DIY route 🙂


Website Design Basics

Layout tips for websites with lots of copy! This PDF guide shows you some of the most common design mistakes and how to fix them to highlight all of your copy and make your website look like it was done by a pro.


Prospective Client Packet TEMPLATE for Coaches

This was a trick I learned back when I was a health coach – if you share a prospective client packet before your exploration call, you can help build excitement and deliver all the details so that you can spend the call talking about your prospective (and now more likely actual) client.


{Coming Soon} The Complete Guide to Your Online Business Tech

{Coming Soon} The I Have an Idea and No F*cking Clue What to Do Next Guide