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Post maternity leave my goal is to really take this business to the next level.

Real talk: this business cracked 6 figures for the first time last year – but then things took a bit of a backseat during parts of my pregnancy and, for more obvious reasons, during the early days of motherhood.

The kind of cool thing though, is that having this little life that I get to steward into the world has lit a fire under my entrepreneurial game.

My financial success (or lack thereof) will determine whether she gets to eat all organic food (we’ll assume that fortunately I’m at least in a position where I don’t doubt that I can put food on the table), or take that toddlers music class, or have horseback riding lessons than I did, or graduate from college debt-free like I didn’t.

And yes, I’m fortunate enough that these aren’t BIG problems, and I do live in a two-earner household, but still, my income will determine what opportunities she has.

I love this business for letting me take naps whenever I wanted during the first trimester, and for providing a guilt-free multi-month maternity leave and slow introduction to work. Naps haven’t come easily to my peanut, so I’ve even had the luxury of continuing to lie down with her during the day (though this is a habit I’m hoping to break soon!).

Now I’m ready to reach more people, help more female entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and impact more people, and to generate more income – for myself, and for my peanut. To that end, I’ve been taking a deep dive into some business and personal development podcasts.

This is what I’ve been listening to:

For the Love of Money

This is a relatively new find for me, but I’ve been diving in deep! Led by Chris Harder, this podcast is dedicated to generating serious wealth (of the multimillion dollar variety). It’s a great blend of how-to’s and inspirational interviews with those who have made it big. One of the greatest things is that his emphasis is showing how when good people make amazing money, they give back. And there are plenty of $47 to mutimillion dollar stories to make you believe you could do something like that too. Check it out.

Being Boss

This has been a long-time favorite, but I’m even revisiting episodes I’ve already listened to – the duo (Emily and Kathleen if you want to be on a first-name basis) offer practical tips to all manner of entrepreneurs, primarily creatives, and interview those who have established careers for themselves in the industry of there dreams. If you’re looking for down-to-earth, fierce sister-like mentors, these gals are for you. Listen here.

Brand Yourself

Host Blair Badenhop interviews successful entrepreneurs in the wellness and personal growth industries to shine a light on the different paths women have taken to find success for themselves. If you want the inside scoop on how some of the biggest names in the industry got started, this is the podcast for you. And PS, Blair leads a great program called Your Wellness Brand, that I participated in when re-branding my wellness company Quit The Pill – and she chats with me about my experience in the program in episode #12. Check it out! (My episode is here.)

The Productive Life with Megan Minns

This is another new find – and its also a relatively new podcast. Megan Minns is a business productivity expert/consultant who gets solopreneurs and small business owners out of their own way. I love her approach, which is balanced and real. She understands that there are always trade-offs (the real take on balance) but also provides systems and advice to get your business further faster – but without the burnout. Listen here.

The Kate & Mike Show

This is a perennial favorite for me. I revisit it often for both life and business advice. Kate Northrup, author of Money: A Love Story and Do Less leads this podcast with her husband, Mike. They’re honest about their business and its growth – and what they feel has led to its success. It’s a 7-figure business with a great mission – and their ethos is to work smarter, not harder – so definitely a good example to follow. Check it out.

Self Made with Jessica Herrin

This is another new find for me – led by the creator of the Stella & Dot family brands. Jessica’s from what I think of as the ‘real business world’ – not that online businesses are fake, but let’s just say she’s from more of the conventional business route. But, she has great advice when it comes to working hard and guilt-free as a mom, prioritizing self care to boost your business, and just putting in the time. Listen here.

PS. If you’re looking to launch a business, you’re gonna need a website – so take a look around the blog for tips. And if you’re stuck on a platform, check out my SquareSpace vs. WordPress post.

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