3 Hacks to Make Your SquareSpace Site Look More Professional

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If you’re not a professional designer, your SquareSpace site can end up looking a little cookie-cutter and a little disjointed.

These are three easy SquareSpace hacks you can make to stand out from the rest of the SquareSpace crowd.

SquareSpace Hack #1 – Make sure you have a favicon.

The first of my SquareSpace hacks is a super easy one: make sure you have a favicon! This is the little icon in the menu bar next to your site title. If you don’t add a custom favicon, SquareSpace will keep a little SquareSpace box next to your website title. I hate this. When I see it, it signals to me that the site designer was either lazy, or didn’t know how to edit this.

You can make a favicon easily and for free using Canva.

Once you have your favicon made, upload it to SquareSpace by going to Site Design -> Logo & Title. You’ll see where to upload the favicon towards the bottom of your left menu there.

SquareSpace Hack #2 – Style your footer like a pro using this code.

Your footer appears at the bottom of every single page on your website, so its worth taking a moment to make sure it looks good.

There are two pieces of code I recommend using to style your footer.

The first, makes the footer text smaller – this is important for things like your copyright and site credits. You usually don’t need these to be as large and visible as your regular body text. This is the code you can use to make sure this text stays smaller:

footerBlocksBottom p {

font-size: 14px;

You can play around with number there until you get your font the exact size that you want it to be.

The second, removes the underline from links in the footer. This makes results in a cleaner, professional look. Use this code to get rid of the underline:

.sqs-block-content a, .sqs-block-content a:visited {border: none !important;}

Note: Code goes into your Custom CSS panel, which you can access by going to Design -> Custom CSS.

SquareSpace Hack #3 – Style your Instagram feed to make your website look sleek and professional.

The SquareSpace Instagram Feed block is convenient, but its clunky unless you style it. You don’t usually want it to take up a ton of space on your page. I think the best place for it is actually in your footer. To create a sleek, one line Instagram feed in the footer you will also need to use a little bit of code.

First, add the feed to to your footer middle or top blocks. Set your feed display amount to 8. Then go to the next tab and set the row amount to 8 as well. Reduce the space between posts to 0 or 1.

Next, go back to your custom CSS panel and add this code:

.Footer-inner {padding: 0 0;}
#footerBlocksMiddle { max-width: 100%;}

This will make the feed full width. Note: If you put your feed in the top blocks then you will need to change Middle in the code above to Top.

There you have it! My top 3 easy tricks for making your SquareSpace site look more professional.

Still need more help? Check out my Skillshare course ‘Create a Next Level SquareSpace Site’ here.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Ask for a quote here to learn how I can help you with a new or existing SquareSpace site.

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