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I call myself a ‘collaborative’ designer because I work with you to create a website design that looks like you – not like me. There are a ton of awesome designers out there with a very specific aesthetic that they apply to most websites – you can look at a website and know that they did it. With my websites, you never can quite tell because they’re all so different!

In the design process, I create a website that suits both your personality and your branding, while keep user experience and conversion in mind.

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Website design creates the look / tone / feel of your website. Website development is what actually builds your website. I am more technically a ‘website builder’ who uses front end design tools, enhanced by a bit of custom code, to create your website. As needed, I work with third-party developers (the ‘big guns’) who can custom code any desired functionality or aesthetic needs.

The fun part about my process is that I actually develop, or build, your website as I design it. So instead of looking at mockups and then investing in a build, I show you a first draft of your actual site, and we go from there.

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You’d be surprised by how much of a website is actually created by graphic assets outside of the website itself. Resizing images to the perfect dimension without losing resolution, adding ornamental details, and so much more is all done by graphic designers – not website designers / developers, which is why we have graphic design done in house.

Graphic design is also important for the creation of logos and other branding assets, social media assets, designing lead magnet PDFs and so much more!

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The website is just one piece of your new online venture, so why not let us help you with the rest of it too? We handle all aspects of online business including email marketing set up (MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit or Ontraport), E-commerce setup, membership sites, e-courses, email marketing funnels, social media marketing, and more!

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